Best piano teacher ever? It's possible. EB is a genuinely wonderful human being, and a fantastic pianist in his own right, but what makes the Triumverate of Awesomeness is the way he interacts with young people learning the instrument. Patience, humor, rapport, inspiration, he's got it in spades. Friends, if I could rewind a couple of decades and EB could somehow magically stay put, I'd want him as my piano teacher in a heartbeat.”

Worried online lessons may not be as good as in-person? They're not! THEY'RE BETTER.

The tweetable summary of why you should create music with EBLessons 

Your guide:  Decades-long career musician. 9 albums. Plays and teaches almost any style. 

Method:  EB’s own. A core system that’s custom-designed for each student. 

Students: Graduates of top music schools and programs. YouTube and IG music influencers.  Worship team leaders. Ages 6-60+.

My kids love their lessons with EB and are excited to start learning songs they love right away. They even practice spontaneously which is a good sign that they are learning a love of music, not just going through the motions. We highly recommend EBLessons!”

She's worth more than just an app

Another day, another “silver bullet” app promising to teach you how to become a superstar pianist in 30 days for the cost of a cheeseburger value meal. 

Don’t get us wrong.  We use apps all the time.  The difference is that EBLessons gives you, the student, the benefit of having a pro: 

- Teach you how to use the app 
- Assign content based on skill level and interest 
- Create custom content just for you to use with the app 
- Monitor, evaluate, and adjust your progress as needed 
- Show you how what you’ve learned applies to other music outside of the app (keyword: integration) 

If we recommend an app or a device, it’s because we’ve put in the time to compare it to its competitors and found it to be a superior choice for your musical journey.  Ultimately, any piece of tech we use is just one component alongside decades of training, performing, writing and recording that we utilize to give you the full "EBLessons experience."

Bottom line: we use every tool of the trade to ensure you learn how to make music you love.