Got questions? Here are some answers! 

What plans do you offer? 

We schedule a free 30-minute initial consult with every prospective student. For a detailed list of the services we offer, visit our Schedule A Time page.

When is payment due? 

  • Monthly: payment is due before the start of your first lesson each month
  • Solo: payment is due before the start of the lesson

How do I pay for lessons?

We accept payment via Venmo or PayPal (we charge a $5 service fee for PayPal payments). For our account info, please message us directly.

I can't find an available time on your Appointments page that works for us. What can I do?

Let's see what we can figure out!  Message us here .  If we can't find a time, we will be glad to add you to our wait list and notify you when a time slot that you'd like opens up!

How do holidays/school closings work with the monthly plan?

We teach students on the Monthly Plan from the Tuesday after Labor Day through the Thursday before Memorial Day. As part of the monthly plan, we take the week including Thanksgiving (USA) and last two weeks of December off. We resume our regular teaching the first full week of January. 

We do not offer the Monthly Plan June through August. If you’d like to schedule a lesson during that time, check our availability and book a Solo Lesson!

Do you offer make-up lessons or refunds for missed lessons?

We do not offer credits/refunds or make-up lessons if a student has to cancel a lesson.*

*Monthly plan only: If a student needs to miss a lesson they're scheduled for, they can request an alternate time via our Schedule a Lesson page. 

Monthly Student Reschedule Procedure: 
- First, notify us that you'll miss your originally scheduled lesson. 
- Next, choose from available times in the same week of the lesson you are missing, and THAT WEEK ONLY.    
- Once a time is found, schedule a Solo lesson. We will then reach out to let you know if your requested time will work.

All requests for rescheduling a missed lesson are only requests, i.e. not guaranteed, and subject to final approval by EB Lessons.

What happens if you (EBLessons) miss a lesson?

If we have to cancel or cannot be available for a previously approved time, we offer either:

  • a credit for next month’s billing cycle ($35 for monthly students or the cost of the solo lesson that was missed), or
  • a make-up lesson if the student prefers and finds an available time slot on the FB Appointments calendar that works for them.   

What do I need for online lessons?  


A keyboard or piano  
A PC/Mac with a webcam or a smartphone with the Zoom app that you can position where I can see you while playing your instrument  


An iPad from one of the last three generations/iterations 
If keyboard, 88 keys and the action is piano-grade/fully-weighted  
If keyboard, USB port for MIDI in/out  
If iPad, a USB to lightning cable 

ZOOM TIPS- Start here! 

More questions?  Click Here to message us!