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Kawai medallion educator

Kawai Pianos of America have honored EBLessons with the Kawai Medallion Educator Award!

The Kawai Medallion is awarded to the most outstanding music educators in the nation.  The award also recognizes piano teachers for the outstanding work they provide the community.

We at EBLessons couldn't be more thrilled to receive this incredible honor and distinction.  From EB:

"I have played Kawai grands for years when studying at universities and during a five-year run as resident lounge pianist for a club.  My personal studio instrument is the VPC-1 which is unmatched by any other controller, period. No other brand comes close to the confidence I have in Kawai's ability to produce a top-notch instrument delivering the exact qualities I'm looking for... and then exceeding my expectations."

Want to see EB perform on a Shigeru 9' concert grand?? EBLive is EB's monthly showcase at the Kawai Piano Gallery! For more info, visit!

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